[Primera] Organience Cure Eye Cream (30ml)



Organic sprout extract
– Ingredients extracted from organic sprout clarifies and energizes the skin with concentrated nutrition.

MMA formula with minimum chemical ingredients
– Without using ethanol, paraben, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrance, the Minimum Artificial Additive formula was create for mild and comfortable effects on the skin.

Environmentally-friendly philosophy
– Leading a green beauty life by using ingredients grown in an environmentally-friendly way and recyclable packaging printed with soy ink.

Made with certified organic and pesticide-free produce grown in Korea
– Black soybean from Cheongju, Chungbuk; black rice from Cheolwon, Gangwondo; mugwort from Ganghwa, Incheon; Houttuyniae Herba from Boseong, Jeonnam.
– Organic produce: are grown without using any organosynthetic agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer.
– Pesticide-free produce: are grown without using any organosynthetic agricultural chemicals, and with less than 1/3 of the recommended amount of chemical fertilizer.

– Nutrition from germinated black rice gives vitality by activating skin metabolism, while mugwort bud enhances the skin’s resistance against stress to create clear and youthful skin.
– Organic shea butter, cocoa butter, extra-virgin olive oil hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier for smoother texture of the skin.
– Extracts from organic chamomile, lavender, and witch hazel soothes the skin and boosts blood circulation to clarify the skin around the eyes.

How to use

– Day and night after using serum, put a proper amount around the eyes and on the eyelids and pat gently for absorption.

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