• Haven’t received order confirmation email after order? Please check junk (spam) mail box or contact us.
  • Confirmation email will be sent for new orders and cancelled orders.
  • Please check contact/delivery details (email address/phone number/address) are correct on check out.
  • Also we may send a text message regarding order and inquiry if we don’t hear via email.


  • We use UPSP for parcels to the US, Australia Post for Australia
  • We accept PO BOX, Parcel Collect address for delivery
  • Tracking number will be sent via email and available on ‘My Account’ page on the website once the order is dispatched
  • You will receive products in 4-15 business days once we confirm the order. Delivery time will vary depends on area, carrier, product availability


  • Free Korean cosmetic sample with all orders
– Shop more and get more samples. Surprise goodie bag will be sent to our VIP customers
  • Receive same benefit as if you were in Korea
– Order latest, most popular cosmetics – All products shipped directly from Korean supplier when you order to ensure freshness – No old stock held – Special events and promotion to match select promotions from Korean suppliers. Get the full Korean shopping experience.

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